Paper Art

If you look at my page In the Studio, you will see I am working with paper at the moment. There are so many artists using the same medium. I just came across Amy Eisenfeld Genser’s work on My Modern Met. I like the colours she chooses.

Another artist working in paper whom I recently learned about is Anna Berry in the UK. I particularly like her kinetic installation Breathing Room.

Japanese artist Katsumi Hayakawa has produced a stunning architectural paper city. Very inspiring.

I began my process of working with paper following my mother’s death. Today marks the one year anniversary of her passage. The shredded paper that I’m using for this project comes from sorting through both her papers and my own. I appreciate having an art practice at times like this. Often my work is conceptually-based but at other times, like with this work, art has power to heal and transform.

Here’s to my mum, you will always walk with me.


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